Organisational change


Organisational change

The Blue Alumni offering. Organisations that don’t change risk getting left behind. Making organisational change happen requires a combination of passion and process. Our clients typically have passionate leaders who know where they want to go and have the drive to make it happen. In Blue Alumni, we provide the process (or “road map”) that will help them get there. We have particular “road map” expertise in…

    • Strategy development… is about developing a measurable vision of the future and set of strategic objectives and plans that will get you results. We work with the top team to define these elements over a series of workshops supported by practical hands-on consulting
    • Culture Change… is changing the “way we do things around here”. In other words… people’s behaviour. To change behaviour you need to understand what drives behaviour and then modify these “levers of change” to deliver the desired new behaviours. We work with the top team and other key influencers to develop and manage this process, ensuring full consensus as we go.
    • Developing change agents… is about providing the organisation with their own internal resource to help to facilitate the change from within. We help to identify the right people then train, coach and support them.
    • Process Change… is about aligning the organisation’s key processes with its strategic objectives and plans. This often also means ensuring that opportunities presented by IT are leveraged in the most effective way. We work with the relevant change teams to ensure that key processes are aligned with other dimensions to ensure the best organisational result.
    • Organisation Design… is akin to architecture in that it provides the structure within which work takes place and the business of the organisation is done.  Is your current organisation design the best available to meet your strategy?  We have the tools and experience to help you answer that question and to work with you on the adjustments you need if the answer is “no”.

Case study 1 – A UK police force

The challenge

The need for a cohesive vision with full top team buy-in. The need to redeploy resources more effectively and to deliver better intelligence to the front line.

The response

    • We worked with the Chief Constable and his team in developing and implementing an organisation wide vision and strategy for change including restructuring around neighbourhood police units
    • We helped them to define and implement a leadership behaviours model to support the change
    • We also trained and coached internal change agents who have trained all 3000 staff and supported the change in their local units

The outcome

“You had a big impact on our development and the force has moved forward a huge distance and we are now up there with the best in the country” The Chief Constable
Consultants: Rob Garner & Gareth Philips

Case study 2 – A construction company

The challenge
To create a single, unified profitable building business out of a number of regional disparate baronies

The response

Worked with the Board to:

    • Develop the ‘case for change’
    • Get consensus to a detailed, measurable vision for the new business
    • Develop a change strategy and supporting set of change projects
    • Develop a new hub based structure to support the regional offices
    • Develop top managers as leaders by using upward feedback
    • Develop high potential staff as key account managers
    • Develop a ‘change story’ that became the communication bible for change up and down the organisation

The outcome

    • Business re-organisation completed in line with targeted cost savings
    • Leadership scores improved by 37% in 9 months as measured by upward feedback
    • Key measures improved, including customer satisfaction, staff turnover and turnover per employee

Consultant: Rob Garner

“Rob specialises in improving business performance through organisational and behavioural change. Rob’s main consulting interest is achieving culture change in complex organisations.

He likes to work with passionate leaders who recognise the need for process in order to realise their vision. Clients tell him that he is particularly skilled at getting consensus with senior teams, and providing powerful techniques to help make change happen.

He has 22 years’ consultancy experience, initially with Price Waterhouse, and has worked in both the public and private sector at national and multinational level. Prior to being a consultant, Rob was a line manager for 10 years working in Sales; Training and HR.

On a personal level, Rob used to be a semi professional blues guitarist. He now plays and records with his musician friends on a no fee basis”

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