Marketing strategy

There are many organisations offering help to develop marketing strategies for consumer products and services; however few can manage the more complex world of B2B. This is our area of expertise.

We can provide assistance to organisations in the following key areas:

    • Strategic Marketing Plan – A sound plan based on meeting customer needs in a manner that provides a differentiated advantage over competitors
    • Customer Segmentation – you can’t expect to succeed by providing an “average” product to “average” customers. Segmentation allows you to fine tune your products and services to meet the different needs of each group of customers
    • Value Proposition development – By using Insight into what customers need and value, both today and in the future developing a robust Customer Value Proposition.
    • Go to market – Understanding how the product or service will be positioned and priced re competitors, selecting appropriate sales channels, developing a launch plan.
    • Marketing Communication – Developing a sound communication plan for both internal and external communication incorporating key performance measures.

Case Study 1

Our client was a large German Energy company specialising in renewable energy. Having grown quickly through acquisition the problem they had was a lack of process for investing in growth in multiple markets. Reporting to the Managing Director of this €500m renewable energy division, Mike Crosswell (Blue Alumni’s marketing director) was responsible for the design and implementation of a New Business Development process.

Achievements & Benefits

    • New Strategic Marketing process developed and implemented
    • International managers (20) trained and coached to produce marketing plans
    • Customer segmentation and Offer developed for each market
    • Plans allowed Leadership team to prioritise investment by market
    • Overall project enabled ambitious growth plans of over €100m p.a. to be achieved

Case Study 2

Our client was the Alternative Energy division of a major UK Oil company. They needed to quickly understand which of the renewable energy markets in Europe they should invest in. Reporting to the programme director, Mike Crosswell (Blue Alumni’s marketing director), acting as interim marketing project manager was responsible for a cross-functional in house team dedicated to investigating a new Green business stream.

Achievements & Benefits

    • Selection and management of third party market research partners
    • Writing research design brief and selecting markets
    • Segmenting potential customers by market
    • Analysing and feeding back research results
    • Developing unique customer Offers and sales channels
    • Managing key stakeholders and internal and external communications
    • The project enabled board approval of a five year plan and investment strategy

“Mike provided strong management and marketing expertise in areas such as Insight, segmentation and Offer development as well as a proven Strategic Marketing process to control our cross functional team. This enabled us to conduct market research and evaluate competition in order to select the markets and segments where we could offer the best differentiation, and hence make the best business case.” John Blackhall – Green Team Leader

Consultant – Mike Crosswell

A highly skilled and experienced marketing and change consultant that has managed major customer driven change programmes for: Mars, United Technologies Carrier, PWC Consulting, BP Oil, and Capita.  This interim professional/consultant is able to combine experience as a senior manager for global multi national ‘blue chip’ organisations with that of top level international consultancy. 

He is widely recognised for his expertise in helping organisations to increase sales revenue and market share by using Customer and Market Insight to drive business change and innovative product and service development.

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