Customer insight

In order to be successful in today’s market, it is essential to understand in depth what your customers really need and value, to deliver this reliably and consistently and to ensure that the value you provide is better than your competitors.

Depending on the scope our Customer Insight techniques can be used in the following areas:

    • Evaluating new and existing value propositions
    • Improving service delivery
    • Reviewing competitive position
    • Evaluating brand perception
    • Assessing customer loyalty
    • Improving customer relationship management

Customer Insight can also be used as a “reality check” to give feedback to Sales and Marketing, Operations, or Service divisions on their Customer strategy.

“We were absolutely convinced that our internally driven Value Proposition was going to be a differentiator in the market and that customers would love it. The Customer Insight project prevented us from an expensive launch which would have failed. Mike did a brilliant job.”
Richard Durrant – Marine Fuels marketing manager

Consultant – Mike Crosswell

A highly skilled and experienced marketing and change consultant that has managed major customer driven change programmes for: Mars, United Technologies Carrier, PWC Consulting, BP Oil, and Capita.  This interim professional/consultant is able to combine experience as a senior manager for global multi national ‘blue chip’ organisations with that of top level international consultancy. 

He is widely recognised for his expertise in helping organisations to increase sales revenue and market share by using Customer and Market Insight to drive business change and innovative product and service development.

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