Human capital management

In HR consulting we add value, differentiate ourselves from other consultancies and help our clients achieve their performance goals by:

    • Treating HR as a business service which should enhance the performance of its internal client (in the case of insourced HR) or external client (for outsourced services)
    • Offering a range of results-oriented consulting services especially in HR strategy, HR operations and HR shared services
    • Backing up our consultancy with well proved products in HR policy and process design and delivery.

HR strategy is perhaps the most important and sensitive area in which we work and the term can mean a variety of things. For us this is nearly always a one to one consultation with the most senior HR people in our clients, thinking through the people-implications of business strategy. Part of this consultation may be about the organisation’s shape and size, part may be to do with senior management succession plans, part may be very detailed and extensive manpower planning – with or without competencies. We aim to fill the gaps.
HR operations concerns the translation of strategy into action and again our work is very flexible.

The key requirements our clients have tend to focus on implementing major change and seeing through to success the employee relations, communications and contractual dimensions. Our role is often to re-enforce in-house professionals for these peak workloads.

We can also be asked to stand back and think about the design of the HR function and how well it is resourced and equipped for its role. HR Shared services are very much in vogue but the considerable benefits can be lost if care is not taken during implementation.

We believe we have unrivalled specialists to help avoid the pitfalls. We support the transformation journey from the business case though the phases of solution building to transition and benefits management. If you are thinking about HR shared services we strongly recommend you talk to us.

Case study

Our client was a leading international airline business founded on a distinctive, high-energy customer service feel. HR plays its part the way the business delivers its external services by treating internal managers and staff as customers in their own right. Accordingly, the Gatwick-based HR function makes sure that all its HR policies are thoroughly up to date with legislative changes and at the leading edge of industry best practice.

Working with internal HR and legal specialists, Blue Alumni’s Paul McLintic used a library of pro forma HR policies to carry out a rigorous review and update of all the airline’s HR policies. The completed policy library was installed on a knowledge management tool and delivered through the company intranet so that people were able to have full access, on line, to the entire suite of HR policies in a highly readable format.

Achievements & Benefits

    • Fully up-dated and legally compliant HR policies
    • Easy access to policies for HR professionals and all airline staff
    • Swifter buy in from trade unions to policy changes through improved presentation
    • Higher profile for policies and greater consequential compliance

“This project was on our critical path for HR transformation. We set a stretching target to help us meet our deadlines for service delivery and we were delivered the goods.”
David Smith – Head of Employee Relations

Paul McLintic – Blue Alumni

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